Priorité au matériel thermique ! 

Priorité au matériel thermique !

WE WORK HARDLY FOR YOUR PLEASURE !!! .... You can connect by or

This site is not "le mas des oliviers", it should be too easy ! (see the french version)

As you waited (I'm sure), this site is absolutly rebuilt since the beginning of 2002.

It is the fourth version from its birth in the year 1998. We have now recorded more than 3000 connections, it could  seem few if you compare with a lot of sites which increase the counters to 200 000 visits, modifying initial conditions.

The style is quite new and rigid, compared with the last version which was so "scolar" , we learn each day for you ...

If you enjoy nice pictures, you will catch more than 1000 photos possible to download without conditions and strength. Some of them are personal and registred for there beauty (subjectiv of course), others was added for the pleasure of eyes. These last are copied from different sites with permition of autors. If you see a picture copied without you autorization, please send me an Email soon and push me in the hells. You will receive all my "excuses"and "pardon" but no money, may be you waited for this.

You will see nice cars or big aircrafts, vessels and speed boats, historical buildings with a lot of caracter. Some photos are included because of their beauty or because we love them.

Next, you will look at two exemples of photos which can fit your eyes if you enjoy life and beautifull engines. You will learn that french people don't play only football. Please advise ......

Photo from myself

Photo (loan)
St Gilles Croix de Vie - 02/07/98 Turboprop french helicopter


So, it is not necessary to lend this ....    

boeufs (animaux pratiquement disparus de nos campagnes)

We prefered prepare some animed pictures for you. They are easy to create with softs downloadable from the net.

The following example is very classical :

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Le château des oliviers sous la neige. (hiver 2001)


This site gives you forecasts on weather it will exist here to morow or in your region.

 If you can choose, dont go there this winter :

 Prefere here ................................................. :

Please enjoy this site : "Le Meilleurs Site en Français", and your life will change !

Alain Liennard

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